The History of

The owner of this website ( holds a bachelor of Science in Technology and has been employed as a network administrator for 15 years for a school district in Pittsburg, KS. In his role he has managed two different fuel dispensing systems running TopKat Gasboy & FuelMaster (TM). Both systems use encoded keys to dispense gas or diesel to fleet vehicles & school buses. It occurred to the owner of this website in October of 2008 that a web-based system to interface with the Windows based managed systems would be more efficient than using the command line utilities he was working with. So he registered a clever domain using the commonly known word of “dinojuice” for oil/fuel and a mashup with the word “pay” and was born; contrary to a 2014 date purported by Sinclair Oil, which sounds like to be the date they became aware of it. A short one-word top-level .com domain ensured it would be easy to lookup & find by the site owner, employees, developers and other users. This website owner later registered “” on December 4th 2008, which saw no web development, but further cements the fact this site was for the purposes of fuel dispensing. This website owner pointed the domain to his personal independent computer consulting business ( where you can find other projects he has worked on under “what we do“. This website owner then separately developed and maintained his site independent of any outside knowledge of what Sinclair Oil may or may not have been doing internally at the time in 2008. Only 8 years later in December of 2016 did Sinclair Oil have the idea to use this name of DINOPAY associated with it’s own fuel payment system, evidenced by their purchase of and both in January of 2016, there should have been a question raised as this time in their mind as to why they cannot use These two sites they already own are more than sufficient GTLD domains for use by their purposes, as if were not enough, this is just a matter of being greedy and an attempt to take a small business owners property. has no affiliation with Sinclair Oil and does not purport to. There are no markings of a trademarked dinosaur, nor any trademarked property of Sinclair Oil visible on the site. No reasonable person would confuse this website with that of the corporate Sinclair Oil website. clearly states it is a “universal fuel payment app” and that it is “for use at participating fuel stations”. Fuel station owners are urged to “Become a participating fuel station.” as another link suggests. This website owner is doing the digital equivalent of hanging out a shingle and advertising his skills with fuel management systems. For to work with a fuel station, the fuel station must first be running one of the two software applications that the website owner is familiar with. Within Pittsburg Kansas, two other fuel stations (besides the school district pumps) run this software, they were installed by Hoidale of Wichita, KS. One station is a retail and commercial station named Castagno Oil and the other is a commercial and fleet station for the City of Pittsburg which serves city, police, as well as county numbered vehicles. As to the issue of bad links on the website, this is a website which has not been updated in some time, at least 2 years. There is no intention to mislead it is simply a lack of time available to continue development. The website is certainly not a sham, even major websites can sometimes have bad links. The site has been up for sale before for this very reason of cost, at least twice as Sinclair Oil points out, once for $5766 when costs were near that point and again at $50,000 more recently when costs amounted to near this, it is expensive to independently own, develop and maintain a website consistently for 11 years, however the website owner has no intention of abandoning the project; certainly not without compensation.