Dinopay.com Website Costs and Domain Value

This website owner has not profited in any way from this website, he has not had the chance to expand his business.  This website owner knows that a website is more than what you can publicly see and it’s name.  Registration accounts for less than $200 of total cost of ownership of this website.  Virtual hosting & SQL database costs alone have averaged $145/month to keep this site active and in 11 years that amounts to over $20,000.  Development costs on Windows Azure (including Blockchain Workbench to hold transaction tables & verify supply chain) approach $1300 which is shown in one of the included breakdowns sent in with the UDRP response.  The online Godaddy Appraisal Tool values the domain itself at $2956 and this is a direct result of the website owner keeping the website updated and in motion over the ups and downs in his many years of ownership.  Losing this website would represent a financial hardship for this website owner at very little detriment to Sinclair Oil.  Justifying the cost of this domain to the website owner when offered for sale at $50,000 uses simple business accounting for his total investment of resources as well as loss of potential income from fuel station customers.  What can barely be considered an annual wage in the website owner’s area ($50,000) versus business income/revenue from something as common place as fuel transactions is hardly a comparison.